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Benefits of the Visual Studio Partner Program

The Visual Studio Partner Program provides direct access to business-enhancing marketing and technical resources, previews of upcoming technologies and key integration scenarios, and support for developing products that integrate with Visual Studio, TFS, Visual Studio Team Services, Visual Studio Code, or Xamarin.

This page highlights and explains the technical and marketing benefits provided by the Visual Studio Partner Program. Whether you’re a small development shop looking to turn a service-offering into a product or you’re working at a global ISV perfecting development tools for specific markets, the benefits of Visual Studio Partner Program are designed to enhance your development efforts and business opportunities.

Program Level Requirements


  • Valid email account
  • Profile required fields complete

Enhanced Benefit Requirements

  • Published integrated tool w/proof
  • Product(s) support the latest version of Microsoft developer products
  • All profile data complete


  • Fee - $5k/year 3 year agreement
  • Product(s) support the latest version of Microsoft developer products
  • Must sim-ship w/new versions of Microsoft developer products
  • Profile kept current
  • Invoices current


  • Fee - $10k/year 3 year agreement
  • Product(s) support the latest version of Microsoft developer products
  • Must sim-ship w/new versions of Microsoft developer products
  • Profile kept current
  • Invoices current

Program Level Benefit Comparison

The Visual Studio Partner Program has three partner levels--Basic, Alliance, and Premier. The following illustration shows an at-a-glance view of the benefits associated with each level.

Benefit Comparison Basic Alliance Premier

Visual Studio Partner Program Newsletter

The Visual Studio Partner Update is a monthly publication that provides Visual Studio-related news, Microsoft and industry event reports, partner opportunities, program benefit updates, and key actions/next steps for Visual Studio partners.

Visual Studio Extensibility Community on

Join the conversation about Visual Studio extensibility on This community is a managed public forum to get your Visual Studio extensibility questions answered.

Visual Studio Team Services Jumpstart Support

Receive access to a support email alias monitored by the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services engineering group. The Jumpstart Support helps Visual Studio partners with questions related to extending features and functionality of Visual Studio Team Services.

Xamarin Technical Support

Receive Xamarin technical support through community forums that are monitored by MVPs and other Xamarin experts.

Xamarin Bindings Jumpstart Kit

The Xamarin Bindings Jumpstart Kit provides the resources and insight to help you architect your native library for cross-platform development.

Partner Directory Listing

Visual Studio partners with a complete profile and a published product will be listed in the Visual Studio Partner Directory—a public-facing view of Visual Studio partners based on their focus areas and areas of expertise. Note: The depth of partner information available in the Partner Directory depends on the partner’s membership level.


Visual Studio Partner Designation on the Visual Studio Marketplace

The Visual Studio Marketplace provides a public view of Visual Studio products and extensions for developer access and download. Products and extenstions published in the Visual Studio Marketplace by Visual Studio Partners will have a “Visual Studio Partner” designation.


Visual Studio Partner Logo

License to use the exclusive Visual Studio Partner logo on your website, marketing materials, and other media collateral.


Priority Developer Support

Receive priority developer support directly from the associated Microsoft engineering team for questions or scenarios related to extensibility or components for the Visual Studio family of products.

1 or 2 Visual Studio Enterprise Subscriptions ($2,999 value each)

Receive one or two Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions annually ($2,999 value each). Alliance-level partners receive one (1) subscription and Premier-level partners receive two (2) subscriptions.

10 or 25 Visual Studio Team Services Users and Test Manager Extensions ($1,500/mo value)

Receive 10 or 25 Visual Studio Team Services users (up to $8/month value each) and Test Manager extensions ($52/month value each). This includes the following user capabilities: Unlimited project/repositories, Agile planning, Work item tracking, Code discussions, Work item chart viewing, Agile Portfolio Management, Team Rooms, Work item chart authoring, Request and manage feedback. Alliance-level partners receive 10 and Premier-level partners receive 25.

Xamarin University Guest Lecture

Create and deliver a guest lecture for Xamarin University to showcase how your technology enhances the mobile development experience with Xamarin. Your lecture will reach 14k+ subscribers.

Social Media Reciprocation

Receive a reciprocated following on Twitter and Facebook by the Visual Studio social media accounts.

Visual Studio Partner Summit in Redmond

The Visual Studio Partner Summit, a Visual Studio partner-exclusive event hosted at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA, showcases technical and marketing keynotes and session tracks from executives, top engineers, and marketers. Attendees receive an insider view of Microsoft’s priorities and strategies, an early look at future products, and networking opportunities with the Microsoft sales teams, Visual Studio and developer teams, and other partners.

Channel 9 Show Episode

Participate in a recorded episode of a relevant Channel 9 show based on your interest, expertise, and solutions/technology areas. Channel 9 shows are viewed by developer communities worldwide.

Local MVP Events Support Opportunities

Visual Studio partners can support local MVP events based on geography, areas of expertise, promotional activities, launches, and more. Local MVP event teams will be matched with Visual Studio partners.

Press Release Quotes and Edits from Microsoft

Put some clout behind your announcements and press releases. Submit your press release and Microsoft quote for editing, attribution, and approval by Microsoft.

Case Study

Microsoft will work with you to produce and publish a Microsoft sales team "internal" and a publicly accessible partner or customer case study on

Subscription to "Directions on Microsoft" ($1,750 value)

Receive a "Directions on Microsoft" annual subscription ($1,750 value). Directions on Microsoft is an independent source of information for organizations that need clarity about Microsoft technologies, strategies, product roadmaps, and licensing policies.

Social Media Post

Submit content for a Facebook posting or Tweet from our Visual Studio social handles on your behalf to its 400k+ followers.

Exposure to Visual Studio Subscriber Base

Get promoted among the Visual Studio subscriber base--based on your solution, relevancy to the community, and technology categories you select. The Visual Studio subscription base includes >1.4M developers.

Featured in a Quarterly MVP Call

Deliver a 30-minute presentation via an MVP Product Group Interaction (PGI) call in several worldwide MVP groups.

'Better Together' Demo for Azure Developer Advocates

Submit your 'Better Together' demo to be shared out to the Azure developer community worldwide.

*Enhanced Basic-level benefits are only available to Basic-level partners IF 1)Partner has a valid email address, 2)Partner profile on the Program site is complete, 3)Validated product has been added to the Program site and published on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

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